WCS Construction, LLC is dedicated to providing our award winning construction services to every project we undertake regardless of size or complexity. Our success as a business is based on a simple and time proven approach. We listen to our client’s needs. We understand our clients' expectations and implement all necessary procedures to exceed those expectations utilizing the significant resources that our seasoned staff can bring to bear.

We can take a project from pre-construction planning, budgeting, scheduling, and value engineering through the implementation of best construction and management practices to the timely closeout by working closely with our clients and their consultants as a team committed to the final goal of providing what the client desires. Our expert project management techniques and methodologies have been honed by experience. Anticipating potential pitfalls and planning for them produces results, saves our clients the pain of surprise, and assures project success.

This meticulous approach has resulted in an excellent record of delivering enduring, cost effective projects and satisfied customers seeking to repeat the experience.

Located in Southeast DC, Ward 8, WCS Construction LLC is a certified CBE, Hub Zone, General Contractor specializing in woodframe new construction and major renovations of multifamily construction projects. In the past 10 years over 7,500 multifamily units have been completed or renovated, providing significant improvements to the quality of housing in Southeast D.C. and neighboring communities.

Who We Are

As 2007’s Contractor of the Year for Baltimore’s Tremont Grand and winner of the Washington Contractor Award for THEARC, WCS Construction, LLC offers respected construction experience and services to the Mid-Atlantic region. Our construction experience includes office buildings, multi-purpose commercial, podium and high-rise residential, special use buildings, multi-family communities, elderly housing, retail, historic renovation, as well as renovations of apartments including fully occupied renovations in Washington DC.

Our success as a business is an outcome of our thoughtful approach to client's objectives and requirements. Drawing on our knowledge and experience, we can enhance the design of your project to allow significant savings. A close relationship with architects and engineers allows savings to be obtained up front, giving you the best value for your dollar. Our goal is to exceed your expectations through meticulous methodology. We have an excellent record of delivering enduring, and cost effective projects.

The local industry expertise and senior staff experience of well over 100 years have made WCS Construction one of the most knowledgeable General Contractors in the metropolitan area.

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We pride ourselves in being involved in the projects early to avoid the delays and costs of redesign by having to value engineer a project too late in the process.


Key Personnel

Jim S. Anglemyer

Fred A. DiPietro

John K. Lerch

David Kutchma

Kenneth L. Shaw

Chris Akkerman